As unique as the mountain itself. Discover our house speciality with its distinctive snow-capped peaks, made from the finest chocolate.


Unique to Zermatt. Our Bergführerbrot made according to our own traditional recipe. Come and taste Switzerland’s Best Bakery Product 2010 for yourself!

Zermatter Birnenbrot

Deliciously filled. Only the choicest fruit is selected for our fine pastry casing.

Zermatter Nusstorte

Our original. Baked using our very own recipe, the fine honey-and-walnut mix delights with its pure taste.

Our Products

Everything is made by hand, 100%. We use natural, high-quality ingredients. best try it.

We celebrate together

To realy commemorate the 50th anniversary there will be a big Bakery-Night on September 5th 2015 at the Fuchs bakery. Starting at 3 a.m., there will be guided tours through the bakery and the traditional baker’s craft followed by coffee an croissants at the bistro.

Customers how were born in the year 1965 are invited to celebrate with us: they can preorder a cake at the Fuchs bakery to special conditions. Contact

How to find us

Fresh Fuchs specialities are on sale at three locations in Zermatt.