The Team Behind the Scenes


The Team Behind the Scenes:

United for Quality and Passion

At the Fuchs Bakery we are more than just colleagues – we are family. Each one of us, whether in the pastry department, sales, logistics, or training, brings their personal strengths and passion to the company. We are united not only by our love for the craft but also by the desire to offer our customers the best every day.
The pastry chefs create intricate masterpieces with great care, which are showcased in our stores. The drivers ensure that these delicacies arrive at the customers’ doorstep on time and in perfect condition. Apprentices like Lauriane and Marline add fresh perspectives and innovative ideas.
What truly sets us apart is our team spirit. During especially busy times, like before holidays, we all work together. Experienced employees share their knowledge and expertise, while the younger generations bring in new perspectives and ideas. Shared breaks and evenings off are filled with lively conversations about our shared craft.

Still, our commitment doesn’t end at the shop doors. As part of the Zermatt community, we actively participate in local projects and events. We take pride in not only delivering excellent baked goods but also contributing to the community.

Our employees profit from numerous benefits: a family-like atmosphere, a supportive team, modern work environment, educational opportunities, and many more perks that make working at the Fuchs Bakery so special. From providing our families with free bread to offering discounts on e-bikes from local providers – we ensure that our team members feel valued.

Our team culture, characterised by camaraderie, helpfulness, and a family-like atmosphere, was highlighted in past employee surveys. This is what defines the Fuchs Bakery: a place where not only the ovens but also the hearts are on fire.

Last but not least, we would like to thank each and every one of our team members. Your dedication is what makes our bakery what it is today. We look forward to a promising future together, marked by quality, innovation, and teamwork.


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